Pigeon's Auctions Terms

The site www.GPLOFT.com is owned by the company POMOR - Software de Gestão, Lda.

The pigeons sold on www.GPLOFT.com are not the property of GPLoft..

By accessing the pigeon auction on the www.GPLOFT.com site, you are renting the site for a previously agreed period of time. This rent is paid to POMOR upon payment of a previously agreed commission.

POMOR is responsible for invoicing the commission amount to the seller - the seller being responsible for invoicing (or equivalent tax obligation) the total amount to the buyer as well as for other tax and legal obligations inherent to these total amounts. POMOR therefore does not act as a seller, namely for the purposes of subjecting:

a) The Law obligations, for buyers and sellers;

b) The obligations provided for in separate legislation, regarding the trade in goods;

c) Obligations to guarantee traded goods; 

The amounts referring to photographic works are paid directly by the sellers to the photographers.


1. To bid must:

  • Fill in the registration form (all fields are required).
  • The registration will be validated by the administrator of the platform by sending e-mail containing data access;
  • Data access should be used to make "login" on the platform;

        If there is any doubt please contact us using the form Help & Support.

2.  Just who have the legal age can participate in the auction.

3. The bid values include tax at the legal rate (currently 23%). 

4. The site www.GPLOFT.com suports 2 types of auction, wich will be indicated in their description:

  • Normal: with a date and time stipulated limit, emerging the time remaining to finishing;
  • GPLoft Live: this type of auction allows bidders, registered in GPLoft, remotely participate in room auction (Club, Final Derby,....) in simultaneous with the bidders in the room. There are two formats
    • Format GPLoft Live without Bid: no bids permits prior to start of the auction room - the following image will appears in pigeons: 
    • Format GPLoft Live with Bid: allows bids prior to the start of auction room, taking as base bid amount auctioned in the room until that moment - the following image will appear in pigeons: 

5. Innitial date and time:

  • For normal format: date and start time will be announced in the auction description;
  • For the format GPLoft Live: date and start time of the availability in site will also be disclosed in the auction description, but the beginning auction room in a pigeon will be signaled with the following image that will appear automatically to all users who are on site www.GPLOFT.com:

6.Closing Date and Time:

  • For the normal format, the date and time of closure will be posted at the start of each auction. The closing time, released at the start of each auction can be extended if there are bids in the last 5 minutes. This extension is carried out in periodsof 5 minutes from the time of biddingThe auction ends when there is a period of 5 minutes without biddingBids that are performed in the extension period will be flagged with the image 
  • For the format GPLoft Live, wil be the final moment of bidding in each room pigeon, with de normal sequence of "Beginning", "Hammer 1", "Hammer 2" and "Sold" (actions normally controlled by de auctioneer in room and communicated to the operator who iterates with www.GPLOFT.com). This sequence will be identified with the following images:
    • Beginning: 
    • Hammer 1: 
    • Hammer 2: 
    • Sold: 


Very important:
  • The existence of image in detail pigeon indicates the existence of the video channel in to follow on auction room. However, you should follow the instructions exclusively signaling in GPLoft and not those that exist in video channel due to existence of delay in transmission;
  • If there are bids with state "Hammer 1" or "Hammer 2" status automaticall reverts to "Beginning";
  • Bids in room will be identified by user named "Sala \ Room":
  • The identity of the bidders registered in GPloft is safeguarded;
  • For technical reasons or communications between Auctioneer and de operator may be required to withdraw or re-enable the meantime pigeon ended (a situation which will be signed by the images described);

5. The bidding database are updated automatically, not requiring any action to update the latest bid.

6. The minimum bid amounts are :

  • For the normal format:
    • Up to 100 , increases of 5 ;
    • From 100 to 200 , increases of 10 ;
    • From 200 to 500 , increases of 20 ;
    • From 500 to 1.000 , increases of 50 ;
    • Values exceeding € 1.000, increases of 100 ;
  • For the format GPLoft Live:
    • Up to 100 increases of 5€;
    • Values exceeding 100€, increases of 10€;

7. Sending SMS warning bid exceeded:

The sending of SMS bidding is made to overcome the number of mobile phone mentioned in the registration.

Flagging sending SMS is signaled by default - but the bidder can disable this sending when make a bid.

The level of service of sending SMS messages is the responsibility of mobile operators, never being GPLoft responsible if the SMS is not received on cellphone referenced.

Important: do not send SMS while running auction room (format GPLoft Live). 

8. Bidding guarantee deposit:

GPLoft can request advance deposit reservation for bids over 1000 €. GPLoft reserves the right to cancel bids if there is strange behavior without having to inform the bidder.


1. After ending the auction, winning bidders must make payment within 10 days of the final bid + value of the transport chosen (see more detail in "Delivery").

2. You can make payment in the following ways: in this case with expenses paid by the shipper:

  • By bank transfer or ATM, to:
    • National Transfers (Portugal):
      • NIB - 0033 05 000045426311725 (Millennium BCP)
    • International Transfers (Other Contries), in this case with expenses paid by the shipper:
      • IBAN - PT50 0033 0000 4542 6311 725 05  
  • The values of the final bid and carriage include IVA at the prevailing rate;

Very important:

a) After payment, you should always send email to info@gploft.com reporting  payment (s) - in the case of bank transfer it must be sent (where possible) proof of transfer in order to advance the delivery process.

b) Once the auction is finished, the winning bidder has 10 days to make  the payment. If there is no payment, the purchase will be canceled, returning the bird to be available to the owner who can, for example, choose to make available to the pigeon’s bidder who has made the penultimate bid. The winning bidder will be removed from the base of bidders being prevented from participating in the auction platform GPLoft.



The (s) bird (s) will be sent to the winning bidder after payment confirmation through one of the following ways:

Deliveries in Portugal:

a) Shipping by company specializing in the transportation of animals and the cost will be supported by the winner bidder. 

b)  The winning bidder can move to where the pigeons are for the deliver (s) bird (s) – to do so, you should first ask permission to GPLoft sending e-mail to info@gploft.com. Only after such authorization may can get the delivered (s) pigeon (s). Only in this particular situation, payment can be made on location.

Deliveries to Spanish mainland:

Deliveries to Spanish mainland: Shipping by MRW Spain - transportation costs incurred and paid by the bidder in the target.

Added transportation costs from the seller until delivery to the MRW in Spain.

These amounts must be paid together with the final value of bidding;

Others Countries

The pigeons will be transported exclusively via our agents - and with the costs described in the menu "Courier Pigeons".


a) When pigeon’s delivery is effected  without having recourse  to GPLoft’s transport officially appointed bythe GPLoft’s and seller’s responsibility ends with the effective removal of the pigeon. 

b) The delivery of the pedigree and title to property, through the delivery forms described, is the responsibility of the owner of the auction.


Guaranties and privacy (auctions ans Transport)

• The transport of the pigeons sold at www.GPLOFT.com is responsibility of the bidder only. GPLoft may provide transportation available by the means it has, but will never be responsible for any occurrence or cost arising from such transportation;

• All information provided by users and bidders is considered personal and as such will not be disclosed to third parties without your express authorization;

• All pigeon auction data (photo, pedigree, title, sports results, etc.) are provided by the owner of the pigeon, being his the responsibility for the veracity of the information, as well as the availability of these documents to the winning bidder (providing them to the means of transport used or directly to the winning bidder, in case of direct picking);

• GPLoft is not responsible for the value of the pigeons (sold at www.GPLoft.com or not);

• The GPLOFT guarantee (for seller and bidder) only involves the return of the value of transportation actually paid (and never the value of the pigeon), and there is no responsibility for it by GPLoft. Excluded are any that derive from any economic losses associated with the bid or transported pigeon;

It is further stated that:

• The bidder / transport requester is responsible for veterinary and health conditions to proceed with this transportation and that the pigeons are vaccinated taking into account the vaccination plan published by the Portuguese Pigeon Federation;

• GPLoft can not be held responsible for intangible or indirect damages, whatever their causes. Among them:

-Death of the pigeons due to natural causes or diseases, pigeon's sanitary condition,         car accident or climatic phenomena;

-Escape of pigeons by defect of transport boxes or transition loft;

-Or by any other equivalent cause that results in the death or loss of the pigeon;

• It is not the responsibility of GPLoft to make any insurance contract to cover the risk of any damage suffered by pigeons during transportation. This responsibility shall be of the transport requester;

• If a pigeon arrives ill to the bidder, this fact must be communicated within 24 hours after the reception of the pigeon;


• If there are technical anomalies in the closure of the auctions, GPLoft is sovereign to decide..