Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some frequently asked questions from users of Auctions.


Why the registration needs to be validated?

The auction is in real time, so it is important that participants in the auction are pre-validated. The fact that users are registered ensures greater reliability and credibility of the auction platform, because it avoids fictitious bids. 


How to participate in the auction of pigeons?

Before bidding, you must identify themselves to the site with your username and password.

You can do this using the "Auctions Login", available from the menu on the top right of the site.


Why did I not receive an email when I signed up?

The message probably went to the SPAM folder of your email mailbox. 


How can I pay the pigeons that I bid?

You can pay by bank transfer to the account that is specified in the regulation or Paypal.


The price quoted includes VAT (IVA)?

Yes, the price includes VAT (IVA).


How do you send pigeons to my address?

Upon confirmation of payment, the GPloft will ensure the proper transportation, communicating with the seller and the bidder via email or phone.

Shipping costs are supported by the winning bidder.