Marco Braspenning

31 October 2012, Wednesday




In 2000, Marco Braspenning began as fancier, son of the famous designer and columnist Bert Bras Ning, with a small loft.
At the time, Braspenning began with 20 pigeons, that year and immediately began to compete.

 Helped by his father, he participated in hard events (and selected), resulting in 2009 the conquest of 5th place at the national level in the category sprint of Holland.
From 2009, Braspenning, competing in the D region, appeared weekly in top results.

It is important to note that Marco is by far the best over long distances to compete in his territory.
The biggest competitors fly between 20 to 30 km less in each weekly test.

These pigeons of superior quality have ensured medals for years.

3 years ago he  reinforced the colony of pigeons with Leo Heremans and William Brown pigeons to become more competitive in the tough events of 150-700 km.
As a result, the pigeon "Bigg Leo" got classification of big in the Olympics. A highly successful partnership between Braspenning and Heremans.

Meanwhile, the pigeons of Bert and Marco Braspenning fly around the world and are the victories obtained weekly news!

The year 2009 was great and it seemed that it could hardly be better, but in the following years, exceeding the performance was up this year 2012, with the cherry on top of cake to get the 1st and 2nd TELETEXT places.
Note also , the Duffel´competition  with 34 pigeons and 33 prizes!

Marco Braspenning is passionate about these little birds, but with many victories!



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